August, 2016 | Source: effectivemeasure.com 

effective measure logoEffective Measure (EM) are pleased to announce the launch of their reseller partnerships in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, engineering the idea that brands that spend marketing dollars can have confidence in the information that is being provided to them by their agencies and media owners.


EM integrates their media planning and data tools, information on media metrics, customer demographics, psychographics, and life stage data through one easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. This AUDIENCE product is available to advertising agencies and brands, on a subscription basis, to effectively plan digital media campaigns.


Digital publishers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria can now choose to use EM in two ways. Large content hubs may choose to pay for AUDIENCE, which is based on an annual subscription fee.


There is the alternative to digital publishers or any digital brand, whereby they could opt-in to the emPower Data Co-Op. Instead of paying for audience measurement, Effective Measure returns revenue to the opted-in partner, in exchange for being able to sell their audiences to interested advertisers. EM takes responsibility for all segmentation of audiences and demand integration. Buying these audiences is currently exclusively available through agencies that have Google Bid Manager accounts. The audience segments are licensed to an approved partner agency at a predetermined yield set by EM.


emPower Data Co-Op has grown by 97% month-on-month since its launch in November 2015 and currently has more than 130 publishers and digital brands across the Middle East and Africa earning revenue quarterly. Transparency and data privacy is of paramount importance. Therefore every step has been taken to ensure the interests of all digital content providers have been considered.


• Please see here for information on emPower.

• For media interviews or more information, please contact Nicolle Harding at nicolle.harding@effectivemeasure.com.


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