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March 2017 | Source: 


A collapsed billboard on the street

The Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG), is pushing for the passage of the Advertising Standards Bill to sanitize the industry which it has described as being in a “shameless state”.


The association’s concerns, it has said, stem from the questionable content quality as well as best practices of some advertisers.


Speaking during a meeting with Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, President of the Association, Joel Nettey, said the Advertising Standard Bill, which has been agreed upon in consultation with all the various stakeholders, will regulate all aspects of the advertising industry, including safety concerns.


In January 2017, the aftermath of a fierce storm left a lot of billboards in the capital toppled in the capital prompting the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), to assure that it will remove billboards mounted illegally in the metropolis by April.


“If you look around Accra, we are in a very shameless state. There is so much clutter. There is danger on our roads. When it gets cloudy and it is about to rain, people panic because you don’t know which billboard is going to fall next,” Mr. Nettey said.


Fingers get pointed towards the advertisers association when billboards fall after storms, but Mr. Nettey stressed that, “not everybody who puts up a billboard is a member of our association.”


The AAG has previously lamented that, attempts to enforce the regulations are disrupted by politicians and in some cases, the AAG itself.

Mr. Nettey is confident that “this Standards Bill will not only regulate the ads field, but will regulate everybody.”


“Today, listen to the media and you will hear all kinds of adverts, but there is no method to that kind of madness. There are condom ads playing at 8:00am when there are kids in a car. We are playing alcohol ads at the same time. But everywhere in the civilized world, there are rules and regulations that govern our kind of industry. All of these things are encapsulated in the proposed Bill.”


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November, 2016 | Source:


Mr Ekwow Spio -Gabrah (left), the Minister of Trade & Industry,A bill that seeks to give the Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG) the mandate to regulate the advertising industry has finally been laid before Parliament after years of delay.


The Advertising Council Bill was laid earlier in the year and is awaiting passage, hopefully early next year.


The President of the association, Mr Joel Nettey, said at the 10th AAG Gong Gong Awards in Accra that the bill, when passed into law, would regulate and monitor anyone who practises advertising in the country.


This should help bring sanity in the advertising industry and bring law and order in the industry, Mr Nettey said.

“Look at the outdoor space, look at the clutter there. There is no order in terms of sizes of bill boards and distances from one billboard to the other. These are still issues.

“The kind of advertising we do and the time we show what kind of adverts is still an issue too,” he stated.


This, he said called for the need to regulate the business.


After the bill becomes law, the AAG president said: “We will distinguish between what is okay and what is not and punish the recalcitrants.


Digital advertising

The President also urged advertisers to start focusing on digital advertising, given the opportunities and challenges it brought.


To this end, he said the AAG would continue to ensure that practitioners and advertisers were up to speed with regard to innovation and the upcoming regulatory frame work.


The Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Dr Kwame Akuffo Anoff-Ntow, who spoke on the theme ‘impact of digital advertising on the global market”, said advertising had become more scientific now, as clients wanted to know how many eyeballs were watching their products.

“They want empirical evidence from media managers to support their claims that X or Y amount of viewers and listeners are exposed to their products”, he stated.


He said advertisers, therefore, expected far more than mere exposure as they wanted assurances that their products were exposed to the right audience.


Communication technology

The Director-General pointed out that advertising had moved from the real time person-to-person hawking through a mass mediated process to a more personalised and customised format, which is mediated through communication technology.


With this, Mr Anoff-Ntow said once the user had a computer and internet, he or she could receive prompts and adverts tailored to meet his or her demands.

“This is the world of digital advertising. Digital advertising, also called Internet advertising or marketing, occurs when businesses leverage Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers”, he said.


Award winners

Ogilvy and Mather were the biggest winners on the night, walking away with the Overall Best Out of Home Media and Radio awards.


Insel communications also won the overall best in the television category with Innova DDB Ghana winning the overall best in the print category.


The Gong Gong awards is the flagship industry event for the advertising industry in the country.


It rewards innovation and creativity in the industry since its inception years ago.



 AAG re-elects Joel Nettey as president

September 20, 2016 | Source:

Mr. Joel Edmund Nettey,Mr. Joel Edmund Nettey, Chief Executive of Innova DDB Ghana, has been re-elected as president of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), for the next two years at an extraordinary general meeting of the association.


Also, elected are Mansa Amowuah as vice president and Martin Osei as treasurer as well as 10 members into the executive council.

The 10 council members include Torgbor Mensah, Clarence Amoatey and Nash Fenuku.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Nettey thanked members for the confidence reposed in them to steer the affairs of the company.

He pledged the commitment of the newly-elected leaders to ensure that the needs of all interest groups in the association, including media agencies, outdoor companies, production houses, creative agencies and individual members, were met.

Mr. Nettey said the success of the association was the collective responsibility of all and urged corporate and individual members of the AAG, to share with the executive and council, concerns, observations, advice and especially ideas, on how to move the industry forward.

“We can only go as far when we work together. I am pretty confident that as we mix the old and the new together we will be able to make and add more strength,” he said and emphasised the need for all to be active participants in the programmes and events of the association.

“None of us has the solutions to the problems but each of us can contribute to ensure that together we are able to resolve the challenges,” he added.

In an interview with the media, Mr. Nettey expressed the hope that the Advertising Standard Authority Bill would soon be passed as it had been listed in Parliament for consideration.

“We are confident that when the next parliament sits it will be one of the first agenda to be considered,” he said, adding that the executive would try and push through all work in progress.

The bill when passed would lead to the setting-up of the Advertising Standard Authority, to bring together relevant industry players to ensure that things are done right.

It would also help address many issues related to standards and bring sanity into the industry and called on members to help support the process for its early passage.

Meanwhile, members have voted to amend the constitution to allow past presidents of the association as ex-officio members of the executive council for a period of five terms and shall be replaced on a first in first out basis.


September, 2016 | Source:


Advertising company, Insight Grey Advertising Limited has reiterated its confidence of sweeping all trophies at stake at this year’s Citi Business Olympics.


Insight Grey Advertising Limited is a member of the Argon Group of Companies and also affiliated to Grey Worldwide, a global leader and top-ten US agency with expertise in all marketing disciplines.


Grey has been focused on driving results while getting attention for its clients for almost a hundred years. Speaking ahead of this year’s Citi Business Olympics, the company justified why all others might want to allow it space as it promises stiff competition.


“Last year, we came to observe but this year we want everybody to know that indeed we are coming to win all the trophies, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and we even have an international swimmer who came from Bukom only six weeks ago. But let me say that we are coming to storm the place and rock the place.”


Over 40 companies are expected to compete in a plethora of sporting activities including Volley Ball, Swimming, Lime and Spoon, Soccer, Chess, Sack Race in this year’s event.


The event which will take place on the 24th of September, 2016 at the Burma Camp Leisure Centre, will see corporate institutions get together and show who is who in various sporting activities.


The event will also create a platform for them to network.


This year’s Citi Business Olympics is sponsored by Premium Bank, Robb Sweet from PZ Cussons and the National Lottery Authority (NLA). It is also powered by Citi FM and


August, 2016 | Source: 

effective measure logoEffective Measure (EM) are pleased to announce the launch of their reseller partnerships in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, engineering the idea that brands that spend marketing dollars can have confidence in the information that is being provided to them by their agencies and media owners.


EM integrates their media planning and data tools, information on media metrics, customer demographics, psychographics, and life stage data through one easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. This AUDIENCE product is available to advertising agencies and brands, on a subscription basis, to effectively plan digital media campaigns.


Digital publishers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria can now choose to use EM in two ways. Large content hubs may choose to pay for AUDIENCE, which is based on an annual subscription fee.


There is the alternative to digital publishers or any digital brand, whereby they could opt-in to the emPower Data Co-Op. Instead of paying for audience measurement, Effective Measure returns revenue to the opted-in partner, in exchange for being able to sell their audiences to interested advertisers. EM takes responsibility for all segmentation of audiences and demand integration. Buying these audiences is currently exclusively available through agencies that have Google Bid Manager accounts. The audience segments are licensed to an approved partner agency at a predetermined yield set by EM.


emPower Data Co-Op has grown by 97% month-on-month since its launch in November 2015 and currently has more than 130 publishers and digital brands across the Middle East and Africa earning revenue quarterly. Transparency and data privacy is of paramount importance. Therefore every step has been taken to ensure the interests of all digital content providers have been considered.


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Effective Measure is a leading provider of digital audience, brand and advertising effectiveness measurement and targeting solutions, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, agencies, networks, advertisers and researchers. The EM solutions offer brands, media and agencies invested in Oceania, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East North Africa and South Africa, a clear insight into their online audience and the ever-growing Internet population.



Insight was established in January 1997, as the only affiliate to Grey Worldwide in Ghana. Insight (Grey) is a platinum member of the Advertising Association of Ghana and a member of the WPP Communications Group. Key strengths of Inisght include Creative Concept Development, Advert Placement, Facility Branding, General Printing, and Corporate Events.



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July, 2016 | Source: 

President of Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), Joel E. NetteyThe President of Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), Joel E. Nettey, has revealed that the Advertising Authority Bill has been presented to cabinet for final approval and onward transmission to parliament for consideration and passage.


"It is our sincere believe that this bill will in no small way help bring sanity into our industry as a whole and we look forward to it.

"In the interim, we continue to self-regulate and I call on all members to live and practice the highest standards and ethics in our noble profession.

"It is the surest way to ensure that only true professionals remain within our industry and we effectively weed out the fly-by-night pretenders who give our profession a bad name."


Mr. Nettey who was speaking at the association's annual general meeting in Accra said during the year under review, the association hosted the world of advertising and marketing communications in Accra in a leadership conference under the theme: "Africa Rising - The New Consumer Generation."

According to him, the conference which was officially opened by President John Mahama, was well organised and received rave reviews from the country and beyond.


"As part of his opening address at the conference, President Mahama was committed to see to the passage of the Advertising Authority Bill that has been in the works for some time


International relations

He said the AAG continued with its cooperation with its counterparts in other parts of the world, saying some of its members attended international programmes such as Sign Expo, Dubai Lynx and IAA Conferences.

"More efforts continued in our attempt to link up with our counterparts in South Africa and Nigeria. Indeed even for this year's awards we are hoping to introduce a category that allows foreign entries and we are working with our colleagues in Nigeria to do same for the LAIF Awards to expand the scope of competition," he added.

On the local front, Mr. Nettey said the association continued to share strong relationships with its industry stakeholders such as CIMG, GIBA , media owners, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), the National Media Commission and the Institute of Public Relations among others.

He added that they are working closely with AGI and the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the promotion of Made-in-Ghana goods.



Mr. Nettey said the National Outdoor Advertising Standards Taskforce has been set up under the auspices of the Ministry of Roads and Highways and the National Road Safety Commission to enforce standards of the placement of billboards.

"As a sequel to that, we have had a series of meetings with the Ghana Highway Authority on removal of dilapidated signs on the Tema-Accra Motorway. The sign has been marked to be relocated voluntary by members after which the national taskforce will move in to do same."